Jim Moran

As a resident of Queen Anne’s County, I take pride in being involved with our community, it is my home. I consider myself to be a citizen whose child graduated from our public school system, a citizen who pays taxes, a citizen who enjoys the quality of life in our county, and, most of all, a citizen who is concerned for the future of our county. I want to ensure that the future of our county is a bright one, and for that reason I have become increasingly involved in our county government. I began by serving as a member of the Task Force for Government Sustainability. As a member, I was able to assist with the review of budgets for EMS, The Sheriff’s Office, Department of Corrections, Animal Control, and Volunteer Fire Departments.

I enjoyed my experience as a member of the Task Force, and was humbled by the opportunity. I then expressed my interest in joining the Queen Anne’s County Economic Development Commission. As a successful business owner, I felt like I had a lot to contribute. My attention to detail, integrity, customer service, and ability to oversee a project from start to finish are qualities that benefited my service to the commission.

My tenure on the commission led to my appointment to the Queen Anne’s County Planning Commission. I, alongside my fellow members, approved and recommended plans to the Board of County Commissioners for county wide approval. I was appointed to serve as Vice Chairman in 2012.

On December 17, 2014 Governor Martin O’Malley appointed me to serve as Queen Anne’s County Commissioner, At Large. My appointment to serve the remainder of the four year term came after Delegate Steve Arentz was appointed to The Maryland House Of Delegates. I was chosen by the Republican Central Committee from a long list of qualified candidates.

I take great pride in being County Commissioner, At Large. I love our county, our community has provided me with a great place to reside and raise a family. My goal is to preserve our way of life while taking steps to improve our County. I look forward to continuing my service to our community, and to doing what is best for Queen Anne’s County.

Support for Agriculture/Farming Community

A strong and prosperous agricultural economy is vital to our county’s rural quality of life. Protecting our rich agricultural heritage not only safeguards our natural resources and prime agricultural soils, it also helps support our local economy. I am committed to ensuring a healthy, prosperous future for the farming community and agricultural industry in Queen Anne’s County.